About Us

Vedra’s about life affirming, day-bettering, hero fashion and lifestyle pieces. If it makes you smile, it’s a yes. If it can be enjoyed daily, we’re all in. If it’s a staple that makes you feel like the best version of you, it’s a must.

With a core collection tightly curated from global brands, we take the guess work out of compiling a look – presenting you with fewer, better options, so that in the midst of style mayhem, you can easily find your way.

The Vedra promise

We’ll guide you on a style exploration journey that’s fierce and fun.

We’ll help you find your own unique style DNA, so you feel like the best version of yourself.

And we’ll make it simple, with a tightly curated collection that’s easy to shop and works for whoever you decide to be.

The story behind the brand

Natalie Davies
An actress by training, and a creator by nature, Natalie conceptualised her fashion and lifestyle store on a visit to Es Vedra, Ibiza. Inspired by the myths of the island’s feminine force, Vedra’s promise is one of empowerment – elevating women’s closets (and their confidence) by unleashing their inner style sirens.

Our team

We’re style obsessed, sweating the small stuff and setting the bar high with our own style and encouraging our customers to do the same. Our aim is to delight and excite, and to celebrate our customers’ uniqueness. We believe shopping should be an enriching experience, and not just a transaction.